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could evening, the cook county office confirms that to males are dead, names have not been released because family members are still being notified, a
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small plane crashed in a wooded area about 2 mi. southeast of perry airport fiery wreckage was scattered over 200 yds. >> there was a loud boom, flames then smoked. >> the aircraft is an sr 22, fixed wing single engine plane after hearing the explosion people from the neighborhood ran over to try to help out. there was a lot of fire and smoke and the tree lines. the plan is
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registered to of owner in st. augustine florida, both men were killed in to their identities have not been released because family members are still being notified. levin gary, dan ponce. live in gary, dan ponce de. >> we showed you the largest .ponce. ponce, wgn news. >> it is a large-scale operation and at the same time the profits from that will be used to purchase firearms and that's
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where the violence comes and the superintendent himself talking about the biggest drug bust ever the crops to football field's wide were nestled deep inside the wetlands near stoney island, but it wasn't visible from the ground, a police chopper unit was on a routine flight yesterday when it spotted a path of a few familiar plants below. deliberately placed in the ground throw after row, there between 4-10 ft. tall as big as christmas trees who was one of the first on the scene yesterday says the lieutenant also an abandoned camp a tarp, a sleeping bag
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food no weapons and no sign of any criminals. it's extremely thick it's like walking through the john bull back in there that was earlier before street and sanitation workers arrived with their bulldozers and dump trucks early this morning it's been hauled away for a controlled burn at an undisclosed location it was a big job and it was after all a big field filled with lots of marijuana ready for harvest just blocks from a police although pound. spending that much time and effort setting up an operation like this in chicago is brazen. 15 pot plants have all been burned on federal property. no trace of the plants here where they probably grow for some four-six months no one is in custody and the investigation continues.
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>> troubles continue to mount for american airlines the latest flight from dallas to st. louis had to turn around because of landing gear problems. frightened passengers were told to brace for a cut-off landing if not a crash landing. passengers finally got to say lewis, some wondered if the threat was real or made up leading to the carrier's labor dispute with pilots. are they really heroes or are they guys just creating a job action? >> yester day a flight from chicago-london made to
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unexpected stops because of problems with loose seats. president obama end mitt romney meeting in denver to square off on issues facing our country. the economy, the economy into the economy dominated the first part of the debate. middle income americans have seen their income come down by $4,300, but it's been a crushing at the same time gasoline prices have doubled under the present electric rates are up, food prices are up. >> for 18 months we've been running on this tax plan and now five weeks before the election he is saying that his big bold idea is it never mind and to the fact is that if you are lowering their rates...
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>> >> obama care is on my list i apologize mr. president i use that term with all respect. i'm going to stop this subsidy to pbs i actually like youtube but i'm not going to keep on spending money on things to bar money from china to pay for it. >> we do have more debate coverage coming up later we are hearing for straight from the voters and an analysis from political analyst paul lisneck is coming up in the newscast. and toxic chemicals found in 70 percent of child products. an alleged murderer from mexico is on the loose in chicago what you can do to bring him to justice. >> i know that he is anxious to come back, he has worked very much to continue to search. >> sandy jackson talks about her
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husband's political future and a touch of summerlike weather tomorrow for a while, it will be gone fast.
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chicago police work around the clock to try to keep the streets safe but they do not always catch the bad guy. one detective is leading the search for a criminal that did get away he has been at loose for two years now fugitive hunters are asking for your help. >> he is well known especially in the communities that have latin kings representing them and man with a checkered criminal past and a list of aliases. he came to the u.s. when he was a teenager. he has been in the united states the majority of his life and soon fell into the gang life and was convicted of murder in 1992, in 2008 he was paroled and deported
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to mexico only to come back to chicago the fugitive hunters want him for an outstanding warrant from 2010, so far he has kept a low profile. we do believe he is in the chicago land area but for whatever reason his associates do not want to divulge the information to us. he could be hiding out in chicagos little village neighborhood specifically in the area of 24th and st. louis where he knows and has many friends. >> he has a couple girlfriends that we know about and associates involved in the gang. take another look, he is 5 ft. 5 in. tall and weighs a hefty 180- 220 lbs.. he goes by the street by"drak" although he has a goatee and this picture he could easily have a full beard or no facial hair at all in this picture from 2008 to you
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conceive a teardrop tattoo just below his left by fugitive hunters will pay cash for information leading to his catch, call, 888-869-4589. >> shake-up involving the city's ethics board mayor romijn emanuel dumped all seven members saying that a change is needed to prevent political corruption, they are supposed to root out corruption among city officeholders including aldermen. it's always good to bring in fresh blood, i think that the mayor is totally within his rights to appoint some new people. >> if you keep your nose clean hands you keep the interest of the taxpayers for stand for most he should have nothing to fear if you are in the city council
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you have nothing to fear at of a stronger ethics board. they have been around for 25 years the city council will vote on the new nominees at their next meeting on october 31st the wife of the ailing congressman jesse jackson jr. repeated what she said in the last several weeks she is unsure when he will return to work she says it is up to his doctors. >> he is on the ballot he will stay on the ballot and i look for to him coming back to work after the election, no last- minute switches. >> congressman jackson hasn't been seen in public since being treated for bipolar disorder some time in june he says he is seeing doctors to-three times a week recovering at home and he says he hopes to speak to his second district. before the november 6th election. expecting public schools like half of the
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negotiations back on tonight between teachers in evergreen park and the district's 124 school board teachers have been on the picket lines since yesterday the union says the latest contract talks ended when the board denied student makeup days from the strike em students will be given extra school days but teachers will not be paid for it to the district is looking for a four year
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agreement while teachers are asking for a three-year deal bonuses based on test scores and pay raises. results could be in later tonight but most likely tomorrow morning the agreement would give the teachers a base salary increase of 3% next year and 2 percent raises in the following two years and also sets guidelines for teacher evaluations tied to a student test scores. budget woes are not just for chicago public schools and other districts it's also affecting catholic schools in the city we have more on why they're having a tough time coming up with funding. the number one issue is how can they afford it and what kind of family budgeting can they do? he knows the struggle at st. pius catholic grade school one of many inner-city chicago catholic schools serving poor and
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working-class parents struggling like everyone in these tough economic times to pay the bills. tuition is a bit challenging but i was actually able to get a grant. lisa needed extra educational support for her daughter things like the same pie as tutoring program at the parish youth center with its focus on strong vocabulary reading and writing skills and help with math the financial reality is important programs like this at st. pius the fifth will fall by the wayside in less saint pius can manage to raise enough funds. you don't have the staff of a high school because you don't have the budget to support it. they are educators they are not fund-raisers. then
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you have the secretaries in the office they didn't go to school for that either so who is doing your fund raising and marketing at the school level? acting as chief fund-raiser to keep family services flowing sister mary paull is a superintendent of schools for the archdiocese and she says over 90 of the archdiocese 256 schools need financial assistance from beyond the parish but she says it's vital to build healthy communities. it's been a port of call for many many years people have got a wonderful education spare so hopefully we will be able to tap into those alumni. catholic elementary school
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enrollment has grown for the last two years and maybe a third consecutive year once the numbers have been tallied up this fall. potential dangers in products made for children coming up which items might contain toxins. i am live in swarthmore there is a group paying close attention to the end of the presidential debates. you will probably have your opinions. stay with us.
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the illinois public interest research groups found chlorinated flame retardant and carcinogen in seven of 10 children's products tested the chemical was removed from children's pajamas in the 1970's due to concerns that it impacted immune function and hormone problems but they now believe that no label indicates the presence in these children's products. the inspector general
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randomly checked 127 weight-loss and immune boosting products and the health claims made were not backed up by science and health experts say by taking the supplements people may be putting themselves are risk when you have the flu your dog or cat is at risk, passing in the flow from humans to pets, scientists and veterinarians admit the concept is poorly understood but they say it is occurring more and more raising the risk for disease mutation, if you have the flu distance yourself from your pat and if your dog has a fever you can tell if their nose is warm or if they have a runny nose take them to the vet for testing and treatment. >> they are so cute. you may want to grab a jacket, tom skilling has details on the big dip in temperatures. y
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there's some cool stuff up here. there sure is. [ man ] look what i found. it's a fiddler on the roof. ♪ [ up-tempo country ] what are the chances? [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ east >> >> look at this view, lisa johnson sent us this view. it captures the colors and all of their glory out there. from
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press hill the view is just as attractive. we have such great photographers out there. it was 81 in north dakota yesterday just west it snowed 3 in. today and temperatures were down 35 degrees. i think we're going to hit 81 tomorrow afternoon or something very close to it. by the way that's not unusual. the
9:31 pm
coolest weekend in chicago since march and here is the warmth, 81 in omaha. that is the cold front it hits here about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. temperatures are going to take a nosedive after that. it's a damp evening and showers are still around but here is how the call comes in in this 10 day animation and spreads over a good chunk of the 48 this weekend. as we go to columbus day monday there will be a shot of warmer air. we are
9:32 pm
going to be flirting with some very chilly weather the next couple of days. let me show you what we expect to happen tomorrow there uc readings up close to 80 degrees but look at the cool air out to the west the 30's reach into the city by morning with 20s all the way and i walk in ties only in the low 50s may be mid '50s on friday. the suburbs could see '20s and teams out here in the plains states and a host of advisory's from gale watches to winter storm warnings in the weather advisories for snow. here is our little system now and the caught off line is pretty plain the radar still shows showers perverse in our area and they may be around several more hours
9:33 pm
in the metro area. look at some of the rain or snow totals that have come down in montana. upwards of 7 in.. forest grove has had 5 in.. there has been a big rain up in the dakotas as well today. in our area as the rains have been about one-third of an inch to 1/4 of an inch. 60 at burr ridge. there is the camera view of the fog and drizzle here is our model forecast of the showers still in place at midnight the back edge of the clouds pulls out of here and that is when we warm up.
9:34 pm
here is our forecast, damp and hazy tonight. clouts however will break by the time most of us had off to work in the morning or school, low temperatures down to 56 in 4-14 mi. per hour. tomorrow a gorgeous day. the first 80 in 22 days in over three weeks. we will see temperatures began plummeting to the '50s by sunset. partly sunny breezy and much cooler on friday a high of 57 details of a cool weekend coming up. of course a lot of news tonight. the presidential debate just wrapped up seconds ago coming up the debates best
9:35 pm
moments and reactions from local viewers. also he shoots, he scores, then he crashes.
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>> that kind of top down economics where folks at the top are doing well so the average
9:38 pm
person making $3 million is getting a huge tax break while middle-class families are burdened further that is not what i believe is a recipe for economic growth. >> i will not under any circumstances raised taxes on middle income families, i will lower taxes on middle income families. i saw a study that came out today that said if you were going to raise taxes. >> the voters are having watch parties across the country many in the chicago area debate number one is always a big deal. voters are checking things out tonight. >> there are probably thousands of these viewing parties across the country, some of them here in chicago, one of them in swarthmore and it was hosted by patch and you have republicans and democrats and undecided
9:39 pm
voters and i have each to get their opinions and thoughts on how things went tonight let's start with the undecided voter from all would the big question of the night tonight is was there a clear winner? >> no, i thought it was a draw, i was pleased it was more civil than i thought it would be so for me the domestic policy is big and foreign policy is going to decide it. i'm waiting for foreign policy. >> let's move on to an obama supporter in when i spoke with you midway through the debate you said to me, i think romney is doing a little bit better than i expected him to do. why? >> in the past when we have seen him he has gone back and forth his conversation has been split but tonight i think he really help his own in the debates he
9:40 pm
did a good job tonight so i have to give him kudos for that. >> romneyobama seemed to have a little bit more of the personality but romney had the numbers. >> definitely. it's not the speech it's what he believes and it's what i believe and that's why i support him. >> let's move on to bob you wore a romney supporter a clear winner tonight? >> i don't think there was, i think it was a draw. >> why? >> i think we need to learn more about both candidates within the next two debates i don't thinks there was another debating. >> would you say that he did enough was convincing enough to get voters to lead in his direction? >> i think he could be a little more convincing.
9:41 pm
>> we will send it back to you in the studio. >> paul lisneck joins us tonight for political analysis, i saw the first 50 minutes, it looked to me like the governor handed the president has launched tonight. >> and the first 50 minutes romney came out crisp and firing even if you may not agree with what he said. >> what i think romijn daetz strategy was tonight was he decided to basically forget about the right wing of the party there was nothing that came out of his mouth that was going to feed the right wing he cut off the tee partiers it tonight, tonight was moderate to mitt and that's what it takes to
9:42 pm
play to the independence in this country. independence in this country. ts in this country. i don't know if it decided anything because there are more debates to go but i will be surprised if romney doesn't get a bump from this, he was in command, far more in command then the moderator was. at one point he actually said maybe i am not a good moderators year. >> he seemed like the parent of two teenagers he could not control. >> they were not going to let anybody get in the way of the point he was trying to make. he couldn't get control that being said i said we are getting the points out here, now we have to really look at the clock so i think it's ok there's no
9:43 pm
question that this moderator didn't have much control. >> comment office facing 23 million people out of work rising unemployment, an economic crisis at the kitchen table and spend energy and passion for two years fighting for obama care instead of jobs for the american people, it has killed jobs. >> xena because that, and a long even liberal commentators said throughout the term i understand healthcare is important and he wanted to put all his chips and a basket but why did he do that with so many are out of work. romney had him with exactly the number one criticism. >> he did his homework a little more. >> he knew facts figures even stories at one point president
9:44 pm
barack obama talked about a clinic and romney said that's exactly what i'm talking point about, that's an example of my point.about, that's my point. >> romney was asked, would you take $10 of spending cuts for just $1 of revenue? and he said no. >> and that is going to be the cross of where this discussion goes, president barack obama point is you cannot fix the deficit problem without some kind of increased revenue romney said revenue will come from tax cuts so it's allhow well the president can make his point, i never heard romney hit obama with the auto bailouts. we are talking about the economy
9:45 pm
tonight. we have three more debates to go into the vice presidential debate will be one of them, a teenage hockey player hits the ice in something he did not expect. a simpler time when all of these actions might not be looked at by a camera.
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the labor dispute in the nhl has kept the black hawks of of the eyes but it has not stopped one new jersey team from hitting the ice and hitting the glass hard. taylor cox of the new jersey jr. titans' was so excited about his goal he jumped up to celebrate and he crashed right through the glass in the ice rink he walked away without injury his team even went on to win the game 4- 1. >> we have ourselves kind of a split forecast a beautiful summary pattern tomorrow and a big time kutcher died after that our headline is for these warm daisy and warm temperatures tomorrow scattered afternoon or
9:49 pm
evening showers. the coolest weekend here in chicago since early march in the area and there you see the big storm is developing as this transition takes place here is what it looks like on the map. this goes right and have herover international falls. look what it does to our temperatures, a very warm, first time we hit 80 if we hit 80 tomorrow and i think these readings might be two degrees lowe then it turns cooler that's how we dropped by evening look at tomorrow night in the 30's
9:50 pm
and there are twenties in the suburbs coming up to friday night and saturday morning. 52 saturday, 49 sunday a 40 degree start time temperature and 40's much of the day. other than that a dry weekend. coming up, the white sox and cubs season is coming to an end but at least they ended on a high note. and the surprising division champions, dan r [ female announcer
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9:54 pm
in the fifth inning, dan johnson was the man on, it 7-nothing. and in the long ninth in the ninth inning he had three homers, he also went deep watch him next year the sox finished with a nine- nothing win over the indians. christmas did not come early to wrigley field this season nor has it for 104 years but at least they begin with a winning streak. brianthe cubs finished 61 a and 101 and afterwards there was a thing full manager. >> it's better than 102. but it was nice to have a walk off after the problems with this
9:55 pm
season's and everything it's the best way you can finish a season in to be a home and have to walk off. the insanity that range for the last month in the a.l. east is over, the yankees beat boston is their division. 42 for the year and they do it upright 14-2 over the red sox. do things the white sox came in at the end, what about the texas rangers. josh hamilton plan whipstitch. the rangers were leading 5-1 in this game they gave up seven on answered runs to the a's. a fly ball from michael young to coco kretz and the oakland a's, 13 games back
9:56 pm
on june 30th and five back with 10 to play as the champions of the a.l. west, texas goes to the wild card game friday night against baltimore. less time for the quarterback into the offensive coordinator to get mad at each other it was actually pretty funny. color avoided like he was a process server. to the national tv audience i guess it was a big deal, a round here not as much. he probably had enough of me talking about how the play didn't work i get enough of me to. i was really angry about the fact that we didn't make about
9:57 pm
one i wish they would have gotten the clip i wish they had showed that one. i smacked them back. >> fire in philadelphia tonight in charge of their playoff phase at the moment 66 minutes fire back on their heels and gabriel gomez makes it a to-nothing game. and congratulations to miguel cabrera the first one downúz÷ó÷w÷v"x÷5kp?ó>gí@yoç,=çw@7p7únú]p;nox0ñ>-xwúóx]p0p?w6@9÷ñp@:y
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9:59 pm
ít>lí=? ñp>.;pb>ñ>ñlíç?oú@oñrgpzuo music: swells we're paying off layaway for one winner.

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